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Asheville, NC 28806

Dog Walking & Dog Sitting  - Servicing Asheville, NC and Surrounding Areas

Call or Text: (828) 222-0295


Dog Walking - $25 for 45 minutes

This is a 30-45 minute walk/visit with your pooch for some much needed leg-stretching and belly rubs! Fitness level and age will determine the pace, but we aim to get your pupper up and moving around the neighborhood. Not only good for dogs with arthritis, but also helps with dogs who experience gastro issues. Regular walks/fitness help move all that yuck from the gut and helps to naturally increase water intake. *Stroller rides available for seniors or special situations (up to 65lbs). Each additional dog is an extra $5.


Dog Hikes/Runs/Extended Play - $40 for play between 2-4 hours

We offer hikes, runs, agility games, extra long play-dates, group walks with other energetic dogs, and/or dog park fun based on your dog preferences. 

Drop-In Visits - $25 for 30 minutes

If your fuzzy child doesn't like to spend too much time alone, or gets anxious with loud noises/storms/etc, a drop-in visit would be perfect. Not only do we stop in to give potty breaks, play, feed (and/or administer medications), and give out endless hugs...we can also bring in your mail, turn on/off lights, water plants, and clean up any surprise pet messes. Let us know if your pupper likes to play with other puppers and we can also arrange an in-home play-date! Each additional dog is an extra $5.

Food Runs/Vet Visits - $25 base plus mileage and reimbursement

We are happy to do a pooch pick-up for vet visits or other emergency needs. Base cost for pick-up services start at $25 and based on mileage and time needed, we determine your total cost. We charge a 25% service fee for any purchased items.

(In-Home) Overnight Stays/House Sitting - $50 daily

We will stay the night with your pupperoni to make sure they're properly snuggled and pooch-smooched all night long. We will do all the fun floofy stuff like fetch, tug-of-war, and relaxing massages, but we will also be there to ensure all is well with your home. We handle bringing in the mail, closing/opening blinds and curtains, rotating lights on/off, and watering plants. Being in their familiar house is less stress for pets and also a good deterrent to break-ins. We make sure the fluffer-tank is empty before we leave in the morning. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, we're happy to bring Mr. Peepers and Roscoe for more playtime and extra snuggles!Each additional dog from your house is an extra $10. Please ask about rates for other pets.

Daily Pet Sitting - $50 daily

For those who are away and need their pet to be checked on multiple times a day, but do not need a sleep-over, this is what we suggest. It is a flat rate for guaranteed 3 check-ins with a minimum hour visit, and we also aim to do a very late night (close to 10/11pm) for one last potty break as needed. We provide all the same services as the Overnight Stays without the sleep-over part. Each additional dog from your house is an extra $10. Please ask about rates for other pets.

Coming Soon! Pack Walks- $25 for 45 minutes (average 1hr)

Group walks occur M-F between 10-2. Pack walking is an excellent way to give your dog exercise and socialization. Naturally, dogs desire to walk and live in packs, but as pet parents, it can be a little overwhelming. However, allowing your dog to participate in a group walk, give them a sense of structure and calm. All of our walks include a few stops for potty breaks and rest. This service requires a minimum recurrence of 2 walks a week to help with training and socialization. Each additional dog is an extra $5.

We text and send pictures for all of our visits - to let you know we've arrived and again when we're leaving. Prior to an official booking, we do like to meet with you in-person (usually a minimum 20 minute visit) to learn about you and your pets' needs, as well as, the house/get spare keys/see potty areas/food/etc.

Cancellations - we ask for a 24 hour advance otherwise you will be charged the total cost of your appointment. We work with our clients as best we can so please always text/call/email as soon as you know about any changes to your schedule and we will see if we can accommodate!

*If bookings land on holidays or holiday weekends, an additional holiday rate will apply*

Current payment options: Venmo (traceylwolf). 

To schedule, please email, or call (828) 222-0295 to request a meet & greet!