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Hi! I'm Tracey.

For over 20 years, I worked in corporate America in variety of different industries. Despite the changes in office scenery, I never really felt fulfilled or truly happy. I was always scared to leave the safety of my office job, a steady paycheck, and health benefits so I never took the chance at doing what I always dreamed of. Having a degree in Music (performance & education), I was craving to do something as equally creative and rewarding to my heart. 

So in 2019, after about 12 years of unofficial dog walking and sitting, I finally started Mr. Peepers' Pet Company.  Initially, my thought was that I wanted to spend more time with my dogs, but having gotten close with new clients, I realize now that I just want to work with animals all day long. I love who I am after spending time with them!

I have always loved health and fitness - it's a huge part of who I am - so I enjoy every day that I get to run, walk, hike, and play with dogs. I even have a doggie stroller for all my  senior and special needs puppers, or just the ones who like to be rolled around like royalty. 

I have always volunteered to help dogs, donated more than I could afford, and adopted/fostered whenever I could. I have 2 dogs of my own (Mr. Peepers and Roscoe) who have absolutely changed my life. I absolutely love and cherish animals from the very bottom of my heart. Mr. Peepers and Roscoe have not only influenced who I have become, they have always been by my side throughout my most difficult times. Animals just know how to give unconditional love no matter what they've been through.

I would do anything for my own and I will do whatever I can for yours so they can receive some extra love, experience a sense of structure, participate in socialization, and receive some praise and snuggles. I hope you'll choose me as your dog walker and dog sitter, and to provide special care for your fur-babies!

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