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Asheville, NC 28806

The dog-walking company where your pet is loved, snuggled, kissed, walked, rubbed, spoiled, brushed, fed, played with, pampered, exercised, and cared for with all of our hearts!

Mr. Peepers Has Everything Your Pet Needs!

Because we care so much about your pets, we maintain our PetTech certification in Pet Safety and CPR.


Just like humans, dogs need their daily dose of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Walks (on-leash) for your dogs allow time for exercise, love, attention, and of course potty breaks!

Along with our every day dog-walking care, we also work with puppies that are being house trained, with senior dogs that may need more frequent potty breaks, and with dogs that need medication administered or special treatment. 

Pets that receive individual attention and exercise are happier, healthier and better behaved!

Your pet is your family, best friend, and faithful companion. It's our mission to provide safe, friendly, fun, loving, and responsible dog walking and sitting services for your pet. We treat every pet with love, kindness, sweetness, and respect.  When you are gone, we do our best to keep them happy and stress-free.

We do most of our dog walking and house visits during the week, Monday thru Friday, from 8am to 7pm. Regular weekend hours are 9am to 5pm. We do work outside of these hours - just call or email for more information!