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New Year, New Poop.

Well here we are in 2020 and I have made some promises to myself for the new year. One of my top resolutions is to be more involved in the (pet care) community and to not only connect with the people in it, but also participate/volunteer more.

So as I was sitting, thinking of all the ways to do that, that would also inspire me and be fulfilling, I thought I should document all the wonderful people I meet who are doing the same. And that's how I began this blog called "Oh My Dog!"

To start, I'd like to do a monthly spotlight of our amazing pet care people and businesses in the area, so we can hear their stories. I'd like to meet other pet sitters and dog walkers, groomers, trainers, daycare facilities, rescues, and even pet clothing companies. I want to build a bridge between all of us so this sweet, little town has an undeniable bond of compassion and dedication to the humanity of animals. I think we should all be on the same team - team "Don't F*ck With Our Pets" or something catchy like that?!?

So stay tuned for all the fun and adventures that are about to explode off these bloggy pages - we are revving things up for 2020 as soon as I figure all this blog sh*t out!

Here's a picture of my dogs because I felt like I needed a picture and also they're gorgeous, so...

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