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March 1, 2020

Before I planted these roots in Asheville, I lived in Atlanta for about 15 years. While there, I used to bring my gorgeous little puppers to one of the absolute best pet acupuncturist in town, Dr. Amy Baden. Recently, Dr. Baden and I exchanged a few texts and she recommended that I reach out to Kathy Wolfe - a pet enthusiast and a creative artists... SAME! Thanks to the magic of social media, we are now world famous Insta-buddies. I asked her some questions about her fierce photography business and below is our delightful convo. Won't you take a moment to read about Kathy, and then head over to her website to check out her awesome animal photography!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself - how did you find your way to Hendersonville?

A: I have owned a house in Hendersonville since 2005. It was a second home investment and really resulted because there was a wonderful gallery on Main St. called Wickwire that I had liked after visiting here. I submitted work to them, got selected and came up to deliver new works. I was early so I stopped at the Visitors Center, started looking at real estate and the rest was history. Last year I decided to make the leap and move here full time from Atlanta. To contact Kathy:

Website: Dog + Wolfe Email: kathy@dogandwolfe.com Instagram: @kathywolfeimages

Q: What sparked your interest in photography? A: I have been a photographer since I was a child. My father had a home darkroom and I used to help him slosh prints around at a very young age. Growing up I always shot photos and every year my Dad would encourage me by taking down a box filled with old cameras from the closet and letting me use a select one for awhile. Photography is what I have always done and being is a photographer is who I am.

Q: How do you go about staging the scene for your photoshoots? A: I shoot all my animal photographs against a plain gray seamless paper backdrop. I come to people’s homes and set up a small area with the seamless paper, a single light and a reflector. Then, it’s all about getting down to their level with toys, treats, weird sounds and the help of the pet parent. All my color work for the backgrounds are done in part digitally and then I print the shot, mount to a wood panel and add additional textures and paints. Q: When photographing animals, how do you capture their personalities? What’s your secret to getting them to show you who they are? A: Patience patience patience. I am calm - even when the pet parent is getting nervous. I sometimes have to let the parent leave the room as their anxious energy can transmit to the animal. I always tell people that I will take as much time as we need to make it work. And truthfully… sometimes it’s a flat out good old fashioned miracle...

Q: What best describes your photography style? A: I love graphic details. I am keenly interested in good composition and the small details of every single thing I photograph. I have an entire body of fine art work that I also sell and each subject matter I choose receives the same attention to minute details. Q: What are some of your favorite pet services in the area and why? A: Having just moved here I am not that acquainted. (eek). I do know that Charlie’s Angels Rescue is a tremendous organization.

Q: What is something you would like the community to know about your business or about photography in general?

A: What I would like people to know is that my heart is in every piece I produce. I want my photography to provide joy to people and give them a piece of history... a moment in time that will bring them happiness. I want to make people happy.


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